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RELIABILT windows offer long-lasting strength and energy efficiency. Take a closer look at some of the key features that make our windows weather resistant, durable and make your home comfortable.

Key Features

Features you should look at and consider.

Part of choosing the right windows for your home is knowing what features to look at as part of your product selection considerations.

1 – Rigid Vinyl Construction – Virgin vinyl requires less maintenance over time, since it does not peel or chip like painted wood windows.

2 – All-Welded Frame and Sash- Fusion-welded sashes and frame add strength and boost insulation.

3 – Secure Locking Systems – Low Profile, positive-action cam locks or sweep locks increase security.

4 – Insulated Glass with Warm-Edge Spacer – Insulated glass provides outstanding thermal efficiency and spacers separate and secure the glass panes to optimize the performance and structure of the glass (Series 3900 triple pane glass option with Warm-Edge Spacer shown here).

5- Gas Fill Between Glass Panes – Non-toxic gases inserted between the glass panes, instead of air, help further insulate the window and increase efficiency.

6 – Performance Glass System Options – Lowe’s RELIABILT products series offer a wide selection of glass options for your region, that decrease the amount of temperature transfer from outside your home.

7 – Integrated Lift Rail – Slim-line lift rail allows you to easily lift and lower the sash.

8 – Sloped Sill – Full vinyl sash dam on sill and high performance weather stripping protect against air infiltration.

9 – Thermal Insulation in Frame Chambers – Optional multi-cavity, insulating material fills cavities within the frame and sash to improve the efficiency of your windows (only available on select Lowe’s RELIABILT product series).

Energy Saving Options

Smart energy saving options to consider.

RELIABILT provides you with state-of-the-art, energy efficient windows and doors that will start to pay for themselves.

Low-E Glass Technology
During the winter, this high-tech glass lets natural light and warmth in. During the summer, it reflects heat. This gives you better insulation, less condensation and greater energy savings all year.

Low-E Glass with Insulating Argon Gas
Argon gas forms an invisible blanket between window glass panes and creates a buffer against outside noise.

Ultra Low-E glass with Argon Gas
Choose this option for optimal energy efficiency and maximum cost savings. Ultra Low-E glass offers three invisible layers of silver coating in addition to the superior thermal performance of argon gas.

Window & Door Styles

  • Double Hung Style Windows

Consider the style of windows and doors you want for your home.

You can design an efficient solution that matches your home’s specific design, with our variety of window and patio door style options and configurations:

Windows Styles:

  • Double Hung Windows
  • Single Hung Windows
  • 2-Lite Slider Windows
  • 3-Lite Slider Windows
  • Picture & Specialty Shaped Windows
  • Awning Windows
  • Casement Windows
  • Bay and Bow Windows
  • Garden Windows

Patio Door Styles:

  • Sliding Patio Doors
  • Sliding Patio Doors with Blinds Between The Glass

To learn more about how to choose the right window or patio door, watch our short informative videos by clicking the buttons below.

Watch Our How to Choose a Window Video

Watch Our How to Choose a Patio Door Video

Design & Customization

Choices to customize your windows and patio doors to enhance your home’s appearance.

RELIABILT windows are available with a wide selection of design, energy efficiency and performance options:


Follow your home’s design and personal style to find the right interior and exterior color for your windows and doors.

  • Add curb appeal with a designer exterior color.
  • Vinyl color is integrated into the profile for long-lasting beauty.

Grid Options

Window grids elevate the architectural character and curb appeal of your home. Grids between glass panes never require dusting or cleaning. Simulated Divided Lites are dramatic, raised grids that give the look of traditional window panes.

Hardware Options

Durable hardware tightly closes your window and door for increased weatherability and meets forced entry requirements for added peace of mind.  From color-coordinated or designer metallic finishes to specialty hardware for increased safety and accessibility, our series has the hardware to meet your needs.


  • Series 3201 Double Hung Windows in Black Exterior Laminate with Nail Fin

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